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Our Teaching Process

Teaching Process

Teaching Process at Kothari International School

Our strategically planned educational framework primarily lays emphasis of providing an all-rounded education to students. With parallel importance to mental, physical, emotional and social spheres of growth, Kothari International School practices a dynamic and holistic approach in educating young minds.

With a view to provide more than classroom knowledge, we have thoughtfully designed educational patterns with integration of formal and informal learning opportunities. We enforce concept application is practical learning with various theme based projects.

Kothari International School is an educational institution designed to provide children with a unique blend of humanistic values and a contemporary outlook. It combines technology driven modern education with a human touch to cultivate traditional and moral values amongst its students.

The school stands for all the values that our founder believes in. It preaches the philosophy of ahimsa and compassion. It is committed to the moral, spiritual and ethical development of the students. We are glad that we have been blessed by the vision of this great individual whom we call “Babuji”.