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School Affiliation No: 1130849
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School Policy & Code

Policy Information

  1. The School is acting under the authority of the Executive Committee of Sharda Mansukhlal Kothari Charitable Trust and will be referred as KIS.
  2. The Principal is the person appointed by the Executive Committee of the trust to assume duties and responsibilities as Principal of the School. The Principal is responsible for the students while in the care of the School, and also includes those to whom any of the responsibilities and duties of the Principal are given by the executive committee.
  3. Parents are those whose wards study at the School.
  4. The School aims to strike a balance between academic studies, moral, spiritual and physical education and the pursuit of leisure activities. The School is committed to high standards of teaching and care Parents are expected to give their support and encouragement to realise these aims and to uphold and promote the good name of the School, to continue the student’s education at home and encourage the student to maintain appropriate standards of discipline, diligence, punctuality, behaviour, tidiness and cleanliness; and to conduct themselves in relation to the School and its staff in such a manner that a relationship of trust and confidence between the School and the Parents is maintained at all times.
  5. A progressive and forward-looking school must initiate and respond to change. It is likely that there will be certain changes at the School during the years when the child is a student of KIS. The grant of admission to the School is made on the basis that, in the interest of the School as a whole, changes may be made from time to time to these terms and conditions, to the size and location of the School, to its premises and facilities, to the academic and games curriculum and the structure and composition of classes and the way the School is run, to the length of school terms and the school day and to any other aspect of the School. Fee levels will be reviewed from time to time and there will be such reasonable increases as the Executive Committee may determine.
  6. Decisions taken about all aspects of the School affect the school community as a whole. The School believes that these terms and conditions reflect the traditions and customs, which have existed at independent schools and at this School in particular, over the duration of its existence. The rules given about change, as in para 1.(e), are provided in good faith. They are intended to encourage stability, forward planning and the proper resourcing and development of the School for the benefit of all. Parents will be given reasonable notice, when practicable, of changes that may significantly affect the School Community. Any waiver of the Terms is effective only if stated in writing by the Principal personally. The ethos and principles on which the School is run are reflected in the policies concerning admission, equal opportunities, behaviour and discipline, drugs and substances, expulsion and review.

Care And Good Discipline

•Parents Authority: Parents authorize the Principal and Staff to whom the supervision of students has been delegated while in loco parentis to take and/or authorize in good faith all decisions that safeguard and promote the welfare and proper education of the Students. Parents consent to such physical contact as may be lawful, appropriate and proper for teaching and appropriate to provide comfort to pupil in distress or to maintain safety and good order. (Corporal punishment is not used). As the School provides first aid facilities only, parents consent to emergency medical treatment (including general anesthesia) at a private hospital, as certified by a doctor may be necessary for the safety of the student and if a parent cannot be contacted in time. However, every effort would be made to contact the parent in such circumstances. Parents should consent to the conduct of routine medical examinations by the School Doctor.
• Academics: Teachers are the best judge to assess student’s academic strengths and weakness. It is obligatory for the student to follow advice, instructions and do all that is necessary to improve academic performance as required. Parents must also adhere to suggestions made by teachers to ensure their ward’s academic progress and regular attendance.
• Health: Parents must inform the Principal if the student has any known medical condition/ disability or health problem or is unable to take part in physical education or sporting activities or has been in contact with infectious diseases. The student must not be sent to School if unfit to attend or is suffering from any serious contagious disease. The School will endeavor to look after the Student in the event of any emergency health problem during school hours. However, the School will not be responsible for any consequences that may arise during the course of such emergency treatment.
• Attendance: The Student is expected to take full part in the activities of the School, to attend on each school day, to work hard to the best of his/her ability and to be well behaved. Parents agree to observe the term/vacation dates, which will normally be published in advance.
•School Almanac: Each student at the beginning of academic year of the School is supplied with a copy of the School Almanac giving information about the staff and student role, scheduled events, holidays and the School Code of Conduct. All students and parents are required to abide by the code.
•  Student Conduct: Students are expected to behave with respect and good manners to those whom they meet both in School and in the community and to show a proper respect for the environment. The Principal is responsible for the care and good discipline of students while they are in the charge of the School or its staff and for the day-to-day running of the School and the curriculum. Students reprimanded for indiscipline are required to follow the corrective measures on the day it is assigned or as decided by the school discipline committee.
• Liability: The Principal, Staff, and all other engaged by the School to conduct various School activities, during and after school hours, including out of School activities will take all reasonable steps to provide a safe and a secure environment for all students who participate in its activities. However, the School shall not be responsible for loss, damages for personal injury, sickness, death, or property damage which the student may sustain or which may occur accidentally as a result of his / her participation in School activities. The School is not responsible in any way for any mishaps or undesirable acts of the Student outside the School campus.