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School Affiliation No: 1130849
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School Procedure


Subject to vacancy, the School will give to a student as per its norms; a time bound admission to its Pre-Primary Section as also following verification of age and physical fitness as per the School’s standards. Grant of Admission to Grade 1-9 will be, in addition, subject to acceptable previous School Report and a successful outcome in the Entrance Interaction. To secure the admission, parents must return the School’s Application Form duly completed and signed, along with supporting documents and pay the fees/deposits on or before the date declared by the School, after which the admission shall be deemed withdrawn. Admission is confirmed only when the School receives the duly completed and signed Admission Form, along with supporting documents and the fees/deposits have been paid.

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A student granted admission will be registered on completion of the Student’s Registration Form which entails payment of a registration fee, verification of submitted documents, submission of photographs, certified physical fitness certificate, certified copy of the student annual evaluation of the last class attended and examination passed and acceptance of these  terms.


Fees and Deposit

Admission Fee is not refundable once paid. On application, Tuition and other Fee, as paid, on grant of admission are partially refunded as per School’s Refund Policy. Deposits, if taken, are refunded by cheque without interest less any sundry outstanding charges or balances due to the School after the student has left the school.