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School Affiliation No: 1130849
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Principal’s Message

Mr. Jashvir Chaudhary

As the Head of the School, my message to both staff & students is simple and clear that may all our studies, our duties, our commitments, our words, and actions be geared towards touching hearts & changing lives.
The fast evolving and new emerging society now looks for responsible citizens with local and global perspectives in respect to our valuable diversity. It has been our effort to fill the gap and create a curriculum that will turn our students into a holistic human beings who are emotionally stable, intellectually vibrant, spiritually enlightened and socially committed.
We promote educational pedagogies which make every child say, “I have better ideas, I am talented, skilled and creative!” and develop educators who would say “I wish to work miracles with my students.” Our endeavour has been to create an environment that will enlighten, encourage, and inspire the dreams of the students and the faculty who enter the portals of Kothari International School, aspiring to be future leaders in their interest areas with new ideas and innovations.
Our infrastructure provisions are such that it develops the ability to become the producers of knowledge instead of just being consumers of knowledge.
We tap into the potential of students and foster creativity by providing them the necessary tools to make most of their learning experiences productive and inculcate critical skills needed to be future entrepreneurs and employers. Our good practices help teachers to set realistic goals at all levels to give positive reinforcement at every step of a child. We encourage constant interaction among the students, teachers, parents and the community to gain an understanding and develop rapport which creates quality learning environment.
We would be most honoured to be partners in meeting your aspirations for your child. I wish you and your child, the very best.

Welcome to the K.I.S Family !

Jashvir Chaudhary
( Principal )